Customer loyalty is always the first focus of the company while lunching a new product in the market. The main objective of our study is to explain the key issue which effect customer loyalty globally in general and particular in Peshawar, KPK, and Pakistan. This research identify the correlation between the factors that we have identified and customer loyalty through hypothesis testing. We used 120 respondent for collecting the data for our study. The data was taken with the help of questionnaire which includes 9 variables and 27 questions and further more each variable includes 3 questions. The data was processed through SPSS. The result of this study shows positive relationship among the customer satisfaction, brand image, customer relationship, trustworthiness, product price, product quality, innovation, after sale services and customer loyalty. Our study conclude that long term business growth and sustainable success is influenced by customer loyalty. but the factors that we have selected for our study has significant relationship with customer loyalty. Our study suggests that the ‘customer is always right’ is golden principle to get customer loyalty.